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Hair Salon

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We have applied SHISEIDO's skincare technology to help women whose scalp is exposed to harsh ecvironment. Please share your scalp concerns and condition so an expert can advise you on suitable care.Dry Scalp, Scalp's Oilness, Sandruff and Itchiness problem. Or tightening and firming of scalp skin to make a lifting of face skin.

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Use Hair Reforming Technology to make silky-smooth hair in an instant. As the shape of each and every strand is restored, hair becomes more shiny and easier to manage. Advanced Volumizing Treatment address both hair and sclap for voluminous hair with increased strength and resilience

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Hair Styling

Over 20 years experience stylist, design your tailor-made hair styling.

Digital Perm, Conditioning Tinting Color and Highlights, make your hair styling match your need.

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Give your hair and scalp the treatment it deserves with our premium hair spa services in Hong Kong. Book an appointment online or call us at +852 9694 4389 today! If you have any enquiries about our hair spa packages, contact us, and our team will be happy to help.

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From the latin word levis which means "light, not heavy". English words for the Latin word Levo are relax, soothe, minify.

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