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The Superb Facial

Are you noticing the emergence of fine lines, sagging, and looseness in your skin? These could be signs of collagen loss. The Superb Facial is designed to effectively address various skin conditions across different age groups, helping you combat the aging process and rejuvenate your appearance.

Cellular Bioactivation System

The Superb Facial incorporates a Cellular Bioactivation System. This anti-aging treatment formula contains precious active ingredients such as gold and platinum, which assist in combating aging-related skin concerns. The Cellular Activation Anti-Aging Treatment helps stimulate collagen cell metabolism and self-regeneration capabilities, improving skin hydration and elasticity. It effectively combats the signs of aging, allowing the skin to regain tightness and smoothness.

Treatment Effect

  • Activates collagen cells, enhances their metabolism and proliferative abilities, helping restore skin elasticity.

  • Smooths skin texture, allowing the skin to regain a smooth and radiant appearance.

  • Minimizes fine lines on the skin from the inside out.

The Superb Facial Promotion

evo Spa is currently offering a special promotion for The Superb Facial. For a first-time experience, you can enjoy the treatment at a price of HKD1,380. This treatment will help your skin regain its youthful and smooth appearance, assisting you in reclaiming your youthfulness.

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