Basic Cleansing

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Hair Detox and Shielding Treatment

Detox calcium ions from inside hair to bring hair back to its bare state so that the treatments hair beautifying ingredients can penetrate throughout.

If you habitually use an electric kettle to boil tap water, rough, grainy, crystal-like substances may accumulate at the bottom of the kettle. They accumulate over a long period, they become very hard and harmful to the hair.

Target Solution Program

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Hair Color Care Treatment

Color Luminous System highlights the beautiful shine of colored hair, creating a silky texture while preventing color from shading.

Recommend for:

  • Those who wish to retain their beautiful salon color

  • Those who are concerned about coarse hair due to repeated coloring

  • Those who want shine to their hair after coloring

Hair Air Flow Treatment

The Unique Triple Flow-Motion System addresses hair’s softness. Both inside and out, Bouncing with softness from the core. An airy finish with movement, for easy to manage hair that moves with freedom.

Recommended For

  • Those who are struggling with hard to manage hair

  • Those who want natural, easy to manage hair

  • Those who like a soft and airy hair

Hair Repair and Smooth Treatment

Addresses damage based on the types of causes. Unique “Double Repair System” that replenishes the key three ingredients: protein, moisture and lipids and increases density in the hair shaft. Protects moisture to increase suppleness to create healthy hair.

Recommended For

  • Those whose hair has weakened due to repeated perming & coloring

  • Those who are concerned about dry hair

Salon Solutions

Beautiful Hair

Advanced Hair Reforming Program

We discovered that hair damage caused by dryness, UV radiation and external stressors affects the shape of hair strands. Our advanced technology corrects the shape of strands and makes hair smooth.Hair becomes stronger from core.As the shape of each and every strand is restored, hair becomes more shiny and easier to manage.